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If you would like to make a difference in helping your favorite pro wrestlers who are in need of help, join the (Wrestlers Rescue – STREET TEAM) !!!

By joining the (Wrestlers Rescue – STREET TEAM), you can get special rewards & special V.I.P. meet & greets just for helping out our street team.

You must be 18 years of age or older and you must have means of transportation to join. If you fit these requirements and if you are interested in joining our street team, please contact “Vinny The Guido” for more details at


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Donate and Help Wrestling Legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka….

Asking everyone to donate $10 to in the name of Jimmy Superfly Snuka. Crash Holly commemorative T shirts are in. $15.00 ea all black all sizes $5.00 off each sale also goes toward Snuka! ~ Please help spread the word ~


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Be Apart of History and Make A Difference… It Starts With You

Please look at MUDA Multimedia Entertainment’s latest project “Keep the Peace” very similar to “We Are The World”. We are aiming to rehabilitate the homes of the disabled veterans coming home from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan with a large portion of the proceeds. In order for a major network to look at our package and realize the importance of helping these men and women who have gone over seas to fight for our Country The key is getting 100 people to donate and it doesn’t matter if it is $1.00 because $1 will make a change This music video will make a statement so that we can help the men and women who have fought for us and now need our help. Please click on the link below, then click the “Keep the Peace” banner and donate now… and make the change…. Thank you for your support.

Click HERE for additional details


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